Management Solutions

We use a proven method of SYSTEM, STRUCTURE and DISCIPLINE to drive results for our Doctors

Cutting Edge Technology:

Our optical centers use the latest in technological advances in order to provide your patients the “best fit” lens.  Visioffice and M’Eyefit computer systems create a digital progressive lens customized for your patient.

Higher Profits:

Many of our sole practitioner offices generate over $200,000 in optical sales each year. Wouldn’t you like to generate more income without adding a single patient!

Improved Satisfaction:

We believe the eye care exam is not complete until the patient has their prescription filled.  Our doctors understand the importance of completing the care cycle and do this by providing quality eyewear through a seamless integration with OnSight.

Better productivity:

We manage the optician for you.  This allows you to maintain focus on the medical practice while we take care of the optical.